PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa Subscription

Poland’s top tier football has landed, featuring up to 9 live matches every game week.

Want to entertain your Polish customers or show a new football competition in your venue? Get 300+ games each season on a single, flexible subscription for the very first time!

Commercial PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa subscription is only available from Screach.

Subscription Options

Buy now – 3 flexible options to choose from

Sign up to an Annual Pass Pay up front and Save 25%

No contract

30 Day Pass

A flexible recurring subscription, can be cancelled anytime.


£49 venue/month

Recurring monthly payment (price ex. VAT)

With £20 Screach Coin advertising discount applied What is Screach Coin? See below to find out more.

  • Get full access to Smart Digital Signage

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Save 25%*

Annual Pass Pay up front

Plus a FREE Amazon Fire TV Stick with your first purchase.


£360 venue/year

One off payment (price ex. VAT)

With £39 Screach Coin advertising discount applied What is Screach Coin? See below to find out more.

  • Includes free Amazon Fire TV Stick worth £39.99
  • Get full access to Smart Digital Signage

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Annual Pass Pay monthly

Plus a FREE Amazon Fire TV Stick with your first purchase.

£480 venue/year

£40 venue/month

Recurring monthly payment (price ex.VAT)

With £29 Screach Coin advertising discount applied What is Screach Coin? See below to find out more.

  • Includes free Amazon Fire TV Stick worth £39.99
  • Get full access to Smart Digital Signage

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0345 11 33 888

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The biggest games live every week

Screach is the only place to access and show your customers up to 9 Ekstraklasa games every match week – featuring the biggest games of the season!

Any questions?

What is Screach and how does it work with Ekstraklasa?

Screach is a live sports streaming, digital signage and advertising platform designed for commercial premises.

The service enables you to: access commercial live sports subscriptions, improve your customers in-venue experience and increase venue profitability.

Your commercial PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa subscription with Screach licenses you to distribute Ekstraklasa matches publicly within your venue, ensuring you are operating legally.

What are the benefits of the Screach service?

Flexible live sports subscriptions: Screach offers a choice of payment terms on Ekstraklasa subscriptions with no hidden fees, giving you greater control over your money.

Digital signage included: An easy-to-use solution to display your venue adverts, helping you boost sales and attract more customers.

Advertising revenue: Screach Coin provides an opportunity to reduce the cost of your subscription by showing advertising channels when you’re not using your TVs for live sports.

Quick and easy to get started: With Screach there’s no need for expensive hardware or complex installations! All you have to do is download the Screach TV App on a supported device and you’re good to go! Screach also provides an Amazon Fire TV Stick FREE of charge for all first time purchases of 3 Month and Annual Pass subscriptions.

What do I need to get the Screach service working in my venue (2-minute video)?

See our 2-minute video which explains all you need to know to get started – click here.

Can I show Ekstraklasa on multiple TVs with Screach?

Yes, you can use the service on as many TVs and devices like tablets, digital displays, and set-top boxes as you want.

If your TVs are connected to a central unit, you can easily connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick (or android set-top box) to broadcast Screach on all your TVs at the same time.

How do I pay for a Ekstraklasa subscription with Screach?

Screach is just like any other streaming service, subscriptions are paid via a credit/debit card. Payments can be viewed and managed online at any time in the Screach Hub.

You can place your order online or by calling us on 0345 11 33 888.

Included in this offer…

Benefit from Smart Digital Signage

Screach is the only service that combines live sports content with venue marketing, helping you get payback on your subscription!

On-demand marketing channels:

Engaging TV channels designed to maximise attention to your venue’s adverts!

  • Choose from 6 unique channels containing a range of content from the latest sports highlights to to funny viral videos, extreme stunts, the latest trends and much more!

Official Ekstraklasa adverts:

Boost the awareness of live games being shown in your venue with a range of fixture and event promotions which are ready to upload to your venue’s TVs and social media.

Save money with Screach Coin

Receive instant savings on your Ekstraklasa subscription with Ad revenue sharing – simply by using your TVs during the 80% of time live sports aren’t on!

How does it work?

By showing the Screach on-demand marketing channels included in your subscription, Screach generates revenue from a small amount of advertising which is shared with you!

Our mission:

To reduce the cost of your subscription even more as new advertising partners join Screach.

Full HD quality

Deliver an unrivalled, immersive viewing experience for your customers with Ekstraklasa in 1080p.

Multi screen distribution

Show Ekstraklasa on all your venue’s TVs with a single click – no need for multiple TV remotes!

Advertising discount

Save money on your subscription with Screach Coin –  simply by showing Screach on your TVs when live sports aren’t on.

Free plug & play hardware*

Includes an easy to install Amazon Fire TV Stick which is fully set up to show the live action.

*Available with first purchase only and excludes 30 Day Pass subscription option

Upgraded Smart Digital Signage

Get full access to our venue marketing toolkit designed to help increase footfall and drive sales!

Premium customer support

Our expert Customer Support Team are at your service when you need them most.

No engineer needed!

If you already have a device that can download the Screach TV App, you can show your content right away.

Don’t have a device? Get a FREE Amazon Fire TV Stick (worth £39.99) sent directly to your venue when you purchase a 3 Month or Annual Ekstraklasa Pass.

Learn more about Screach supported devices by clicking here.

  1. Only available in United Kingdom.
  2. All prices listed on the site are exclusive of tax.
  3. The final price invoiced includes a discount fixed for the duration of the contract, in respect of the sharing of advertising revenue generated within the establishment (Screach Coin).
  4. The on-demand Screach marketing channels included with the free digital signage solution contains up to 15 minutes (maximum) per hour of adverts from Screenreach Interactive partners.
  5. Screenreach Interactive cannot guarantee any additional Screach Coin discounts beyond what is displayed when ordering, the total amount of Screach Coin will depend on advertising agreements with partners and the total number of advertisements served within establishments.
  6. Free hardware device is only available on first Screach subscription purchase.
  7. Streaming requires a minimum download speed of 10Mbps.

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