Connecting brands with valuable & hard to reach in-bar audiences.

Screach introduces an innovative, data-driven and uniquely engaging way to influence meaningful actions and drive sales by harnessing the power of content 

Using a venue’s TVs and digital screens, Screach offers advertisers dynamically targeted in-venue advertising space in high footfall and high dwell time environments. 

0 bn
Annual venue visits*

*Estimated pub and bar visits globally.

0 min
Average venue dwell time

Extended to 105 minutes during live sports.

0 % male
Gender Split

Men are 200% more receptive to digital display advertising than women.

Think global, activate local.

Screach offers advertising space where it can deliver the greatest impact for brands – in the territories where venues have access to show thrilling live content via the Screach platform!

See where we can activate advertising today, and tomorrow…

As the shift to streaming accelerates, the est. 1 million global venues with 13 billion annual visitors will increasingly need an Enterprise grade live streaming solution – offering an unparalleled screen network.

Connecting public spaces, data and advertising.

The Screach platform makes intelligent decisions to deliver a return on your advertising spend.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Our DAI tech allows relevant Ads to be served with the use of programmatic data (like audience, location and time).

Highly Targeted

Smart, rule-driven algorithms ensure your Ads reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Measurable Impact

Receive proof of play, Ad airtime and play frequency data as well as integrated EPOS and mobile network data. 

“Content is king”.

Screach uses a combination of live sports content and engaging marketing channels to seamlessly inject Ads – maximising consumer attention to deliver advertisers greater exposure and impressions.
+ %
Proven increase on Ad impressions when Screach marketing channels are showing*.
*Compared to venue promotions alone. Data measured by Quividi.

Activate at the point of sale.

Sell your product in venues? Effectively target and deliver Ads to consumers at the POS.
of consumers agree that digital screens can change what they buy because relevant Ads are served close to the point of purchase.

We keep commercials simple but flexible.

Small or large advertiser? We deliver tailored campaigns to fit your advertising needs.​​

Ad Format
  • Geo target campaigns nationally, regionally or even specific sites.
  • Grow your campaigns beside us as our digital screen network expands on a global scale.
  • Choose from full motion video, static images and even dynamic (data-driven) web Ads to stand out to the crowd.
  • Place your Ad anywhere on the screen with our split screen format.
  • Deliver one off or long-term campaigns.
  • You decide on the duration of the Ad and how many times it plays.
  • Take advantage of our creative experts who can design and build branded Ads for you.
  • Or simply use the assets you have available today.

Who we’ve worked with…

The Screach platform has already hosted a range of partners from local authorities to breweries, drinks brands, gambling companies, broadcasters and retailers.

“The Screach platform allows us to deliver targeted marketing campaigns that have high relevance to the venue audience.

We believe strongly that the Screach technology will deliver highly effective campaigns with increasing reach and results.”

Anthony Werkman, CEO of Betway 

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